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Please Help!?


I’m in a full PPR 2 QB 2 keeper league. Is keeping Julio Jones and Mike Evans worth losing my 1st and 2nd round picks? If yes, should I go RB or QB in the 3rd round? Keeping in mind it’s a 10 team 2 keeper league where all of the top tier RBs will be kept somewhere between the other 9 teams. Please help!?


Do you have a stud QB? With the 2 QB league stipulation I think you want to keep at least one QB due to positional scarcity that is going to kick in with at minimum 20 QBs being taken during the draft.

If you keep both WRs I think you almost have to take a QB on your first draft pick just to ensure you have someone in the top half of the QB rankings.


I’m guessing Evans is your 2nd round. If you are allowed, I’d try to trade Jones for a QB you can keep later, leaving your 1st round pick open - or, if you have a QB worth keeping later, would it be possible based on your 1st round slot to release Jones, keep Evans and QB, then use your 1st to pick up Jones?


I agree with Jared without knowing who the QB(s) and RB(s) on your team are. More info?


Need to know team roster… I agree we need more info.


I love all the feedback thanks everyone! The only QB that MIGHT be worth keeping on my roster would be Big Ben…I have Lamar Miller which would be the only keepable RB on my roster. Since everyone else will be keeping the David Johnsons and Leveon Bells I’m afraid if I let either of these guys go by keeping my mid tier QB and 2nd tier RB they will be snatched up VERY early in the first and I won’t have a chance at them by the time my pick comes. In my mock drafts Julio never makes it out of the first round and that’s without keepers and sometimes Evans goes late first. Idk…it’s all a gamble.


I’m leaning towards your way of thinking as of right now. I’m worried I’ll be left out to dry on RBS though. One of my positions is going to be very weak. The question is do I want it to be QB or RB? In a 2 QB league that’s a tough choice


Well, you do have a decent RB there that might have a better offensive situation. If you think you could keep the two WRs and pick Miller back up with your third that is one option.

I’m not that high on Big Ben, so you might be able to let him go and get him back in the draft, you are going to want to get another QB early to at least assure yourself a shot at a top end QB2 or a QB1.

Of the four players you listed, I think I’d lean keeping Julio and Lamar Miller, and then evaluating the lay of the land and get the best available QB/WR/RB with your next few picks to set yourself up with five good low-risk players.


I definitely see what you’re saying but if I let either Jones or Evans go they will be gone in the first round without a doubt before I can get to them. Seeing how the top 20 players will be gone off the board with everyone keeping 2 in a 10 team league.


Obviously you know your league and their tendencies better than anything we can speculate at here. I don’t think there is necessarily a wrong option in who to keep, Julio and Evans builds you a great WR core and then you can go RB/QB over your next few picks from what is left.


The “what is left” is what scares me…I’m going to be weak somewhere no doubt. I think it’s easier to stream QBs than RBs so that might be the route I go


Just keep in mind 2 QB league streaming is very difficult, you’ve got at minimum 20 QBs off the board just in starting roster slots. You could have potentially 30 gone if everyone carries a backup. There are only 32 starting QBs available.


This is very true…


I would keep Julio and Evans, then next round get the best QB available. Then fill in your RBs with a couple of solid rookies with high upside. In my experience if you can lock up the WRs which you will, Get a quality QB early, a good stable of quality RB you can get 2 QB 2s and stream between the 2 of them week to week.


Thanks for the feedback! I agree with that strategy but man I’m nervous about that 2nd tier of RBs. I feel like that 2nd tier of QBs stretch farther than the 2nd tier of RBs. With so many players not going to be available because of the 2 keeper rule. I feel like more people are going to keep WRs and RBs than QBs. I think there will be more decent QBs available by the 3rd round than there will decent RBs. Idk…only time will tell I guess.