Please help! :(

Hey guys. Facing an internal dilemma. I’m sorry in advance if this is too long, haven’t posted on here before.

Have Chubb and Drake so RB situation fine. I have Godwin who is missing time and JuJu (and Jonnu) who’s game this week is in jeopardy and may need a pivot. My other startable WR is Hollywood Brown but still need a good FLEX at least this week assuming JuJu might miss, and Godwin for sure is.

I could try to see if Gage or Alshon play this week but I’m leaning towards both missing Week 4 so my WRs are slim. I’m 2nd (of 12) on my waiver wire, league has no FAB, and Jefferson isnt available. I’ve been trying to wait to get to top of waivers for when a stud is available, but I may be forced to use this week on a WR to just field a team. Notable options available are Higgins, Aiyuk, Hardman, Scotty Miller, Renfrow, Isabella.

Are any of these worth losing my waiver spot, and if so who? I’m sure that at least 2 of them be available after waivers but the risk is tough. Please help!