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Please! I need help with picking 3 Keepers!


Hello everyone,

I have a serious dilemma here. Last year I started fantasy football for the first time ever and loved it, but as with a lot of first timers, didn’t know what I was doing. Due to drafting poorly because of my lack of knowledge on how fantasy worked at the beginning I was pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel for most of the season due to injuries to AP and Doug Martin early on, which basically crushed my team. I am currently in a 10 person/3 player keeper league (.5 pt ppr) and need help deciding who to keep out of this roster. Marcus Mariota, Michael Crabtree, Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, Golden Tate, Doug Martin, Thomas Rawls, Theo Riddick, Adrian Peterson, C.J. Anderson, Ty Montgomery.

I was leaning towards keeping either Crabtree, Rawls, Watkins, Martin or Peterson but I only really feel confident about Crabtree considering he’s not projected to be a high pick and has a proven track record of being solid and reliable. The other guys seem like risks given there potential draft spots and injury risks.

I’m genuinely not sure how to handle this roster as far as who to keep goes. I personally don’t like most of the option at this point so some advice would be extremely helpful!

Thanks and best of luck to all you this fantasy season!


Are you required to keep 3? If so, Crabtree would be #1, then probably Watkins and Montgomery. If not, I might not keep anyone, depending on what the other owners do.


You don’t have to keep 3. What you said here was kind of my line of thinking as well. I only really feel comfortable about Crabtree. But wasn’t sure if anyone had some insight on the other players and if they’d be worth keeping


Make sure you know the league rules for keepers. In some leagues, you keep different guys in different rounds, depending on where you drafted, traded or picked them up last year. For example in my league, if I drafted a guy in the 8th last year, I can keep him as my 4th round pick this year (half of the previous year’s round). If that’s the case for your league, you would need to see what round you can keep each of your guys. Compare that to their ADP and that should give you a good indication if they are worth keeping.


I think the rules are the same as your league if I’m not mistaken. I will verify that but that’s sort of why I’m leaning towards only keeping Crabtree


chances are, i keep no one. there is no one on your team that wont be there for your picks by the time you can pick with three keepers. so basically re pick from the pool and hope it goes better. maybe look at some rookie fliers later on to maybe replenish your keeper stash for the future.