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PLEASE. In serious need of help - currently 0 and 6


Basically Ballers preferred format - 1/2 point, 3 keepers. Getting nailed by 50 point spreads. Every week I go in even or 10 points down and then the gods steal 25 points from me and give them to my opponent. HELP!! The top 2 teams in my division are 5 and 1 & 4 and 2.

My team is shown below:


Seeing as this is a keeper league I’d probably start thinking about next season. How do keepers work in your league? Do you guys trade draft picks?


Not trading draft picks currently. Before the next draft we’ll decide on the keepers. You forgo the round in which the player was picked this year.


Maybe look for a team with no future QB and try to trade them Aaron Rodgers for some players? That is if you really want to salvage this year…but I would look to move on to next year as well.


Thanks for that. I might try. Not sure they’ll go for it but I might try. I’m in two minds about keeping him for next year anyway or streaming and keeping the pick.


Hmm since it’s a keeper league I totally agree with the other two. I would look to move some players for potential keepers for next year. If you want to try to salvage the year go for it, but your chances of making the playoffs aren’t looking too good man. I’d just focus on next year and make the best of it.


Ho hum. That’s what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation. Who would you want to have for next year, who was picked late in the draft this year?


You need to get rid of DJ. No reason to hold on to him. you need to win now! He is useless if you don’t make the playoffs. Also Forte just had a solid week and Shepard is the only show in town in NY. I would package them together and Get a better position players. You do not have a bad team, all I am getting in at is sell while you can and rearrange your roster and go get you a #footclantitle


Loving the positive attitude buddy. Thanks. What calibre player do you think I should aim for in return?


Not knowing the other rosters I would say 1. target the 1st place teams and tangle DJ like a carrot in front of them and try to land a work horse RB at least, one with a 10+ point floor. 2. I would take Morris and another piece and target the Zeke owner. Really sell that Zeke could be suspended any moment now. I think you can do some damage in trading away 2 players for 1 and build a solid roster! Let me know if you do any trades! Routing for ya!!! Get active on the waivers, I know this is hard at times but I would say you can cut or package Aaron in a trade and make room for depth.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Really appreciate the help.

Have had the following trade accepted:

Morris for Funchess

Trades pending:

Forte, Shepard, Johnson for Hyde

Also going to try to get Alex Smith, but same team as Hyde is on so want to wait and see how the first trade works out.

Waivers – low bids for:

Kittle for Hooper

Titans for Saints

What do you think? I can still cancel things.


THat is what I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! great trade for Funchess!!! WOW!!! and I would offer DJ and forte for hyde and keep shepard. personal opinion tho…LOVE THE ACTIVITY THO!!! YES!!! Waivers for sure great start! I would have to say for TE buy O’Leary and play him this week coming up! Sneaky play!


You’re a genius!

Changed my bid of Hyde to DJ and Forte (no Shepard) and got it. Then traded Riddick for Breida (not sure if that was too high, but I was never using him). Got a trade out McCoy for Rodgers and Shepard (unlikely) and been offered Shepard for Latavius Murray (not inclined, but what do you think?).

So current dilemma is the QB. Tyrod is on waivers?
Have a bid on O’Leary for Kittle.

Current roster attached.


@courtland_clarkson my goodness you been killing it!!! Congrats on the DJ and Forte move!!! Way to sell high and rebound your year and put together your roster piece by piece! I would definitely do the McCoy trade if they bite. If not Keep Shepard. He will have his be next week to rest that ankle and come back a be a WR2 with WR1 upside ROY. He will be the only option besides Ingram. I am trying so hard to acquire him in my league but to no avail. Tyrod has a safe floor. If you get O’Leary great with Tyrod! If you get kittles, try and see if Beathard! They have a great connection with each other bc they played in college together and he plays dallas…there will be allot of scoring in that matchup!! Best of luck to you this week. I am routing for a win for you!!!