Please look at this offer :)

.5ppr - It’s time that I either decline or accept, been sitting on it for a few days.

My Conner/Snell/Hollywood for


I get Hunt is second fiddle but he is used very often. Conner being fragile as glass its worrisome. But have trust in Conner?

RBs- Zeke, Conner, Ingram, Gibson, Hines, Snell

WRs- Golladay, McLaurin, Hollywood, Djax

Pretty fair trade. I guess it depends on your need.

Conner is the lone back while Hunt has stand alone value but is in a timeshare with a quality RB.

Snell is Pollard light. Valuable if the starter goes down but really no consistent value as we saw this past weekend.

Hollywood is in a better offense but will be more feast of famine compared to the steadiness of Robinson. Probably a slight upgrade there.

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The gamble of Conner is concerning and if he does goes down Snell is inconsistent as it appears.