Please need trade help!

Thanks guys!

In the trade, I send away Kamara/McKinnon/Devante Parker/Matt Stafford and I get Melvin Gordon/Demarco Murray/Keenan Allen. It’s worth noting that I have Tom Brady.

Let me know, thanks!

i don’t really like that trade. Kamara is looking like a deadly weapon with a favorable schedule coming up. McKinnon is almost like a value Kamara, as he has a pretty safe floor with all the looks he gets and passes he catches. And Parker is trending upwards now that he’s healthy again. I get Gordon is tempting, but trust me you do not want to deal with that Demarco murray situation with him constantly hurt and Henry waiting in the wings. I’d keep the people you have in this trade.

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I’d say that Jdawg’s analysis is spot on. The temptation to make a move is definitely strong with the playoffs looming, but don’t do anything crazy.

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This is very nit picky… But I hate having a RB1 and WR1 on the same team… As usually one does better than the other… I know that’s silly but def try not to do that if I can.

Saying that… I love that you get melvin in this trade.

I’d maybe see about a different WR but if not I’m 50/50 on the trade… Don’t think it’s a wow upgrade but don’t think you will miss too much either.

Thanks man! I appreciate it and agree. I’m going to hold off.

Thanks man! I really appreciate it. I agree I hate having that situation honestly… Melvin is tempting but I need to hold on the trade with the depth/position I’m in right now. Thanks again!

Thanks a lot, this helped a bunch. Kamara is awesome, I totally agree. Feel like he may be putting up Top 8 or so numbers for the ret of the year. and yes the Demarco situation is not very attractive with his injuries. Thanks again for your help my man!