Please rank these 4

A. Cooper

Standard League…thanks!

In standard where Tds are so crucial is probably

Cooper > diggs > Baldwin > thielen

Diggs > Baldwin > Cooper > Thielen

You not buying the Cooper hype? Where are the Tds going in Oakland?

I love cooper. I own him in a lot of leagues but you’re talking about standard scoring. Cooper has never been a threat in the redzone and he won’t be here either. He’s awful when it comes to contested catch ability / catching passes in tight areas which is what the redzone is all about. That’s why Crabtree was the primary red zone target last year.

I think Jordy takes that role this year. If this was half ppr or ppr scoring, cooper would be second or 3rd for me.

Baldwin > Diggs > Thielen > Cooper.

But assuming we are talking about third pick here so I guess it would depend on how the first two picks went. I took Baldwin last night over these guys in a 14 team standard and have no ragrets