Please rank these 5 RBs in terms of higher ceiling

I am drafting at pick #8, standard scoring with bonus’ at 100, 150 and 200 rush yards as well as 40+ yd plays. I just made a 3 team deal, I shipped Kamara and my 2nd round pick and landed Todd Gurley. I am trying to cement another RB, these are my options, please rank in terms of higher ceiling:


Mixon or Howard. I lean toward mixon and his top 5 potential

highest ceiling is an interesting way of putting it. my list would go:


Mckinnon is in a great offense not only for his skillset, but just for RBs by itself. he doesnt have much competition to work with, and COULD be a 275 rush attempts with 70 receptions guy. i have him much lower than that, and his TDs are questionable, because… well thats the name of the game with TDs.

Howard is looking at a nagy offense that knows how to use its pieces. if he ends up somehow getting 40 receptions, with that zone rune scheme that fits him so well, he could end up with a very high total of yards and TDs.

CMC is going to get his receptions. his 80 last year alone should tell you that. the concern here is CJ Anderson. he is going to soak up most of the carries. probably around 200 or so. if CMC can get his carries to about 200 as well, his TDs should go up as he is a decent redzone threat with receptions out of the backfield or lined up in the slot.

Mixon has the most talent, but is in the worst spot for it. his ceiling in an offense that would use him like he should be, is RB1 overall. he has the skillset to do it, but he wont. not with marv there. so even though theoretically his ceiling is the highest from a skillset standpoint, his actual production (just like anyone else) is based off of his usage. and i just dont see him getting used enough to be that high of a ceiling. so i think in this offense his ceiling is RB12. breaks off a few runs, catches some more balls, and maybe ends up with 250 carries. i just dont see him as a reliable option, which i know differs from most peoples opinions of him for this season.


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Mixon easily has the highest ceiling. It’s not close. I sort if agree with @BusterD about him not being in a great situation to reach it, but I don’t think it’s quite THAT bad (‘won’t’ is a very strong word). I actually think CMC is next, and also has the highest floor of the group. Then I’d probably go McKinnon and Howard around the same level, with McKinnon getting the edge in PPR and Howard in non-PPR.

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I don’t love the trade that you made tbh unless you think Kamara is gonna be a bust which I don’t agree with but ranking them based on upside I’d say it goes
McKinnon, I give him the edge over mixon based on his situation. Being in the Shanahan offense is not to be downplayed its real and has a history of success look at devonte freeman for example. They paid the man 3rd highest in the league at his position. He showed flashes last season the same flashes that gave the 9ers the confidence to bring him in. If mixon was in this situation I’d give him the edge because I believe he is more talented.
Mixon, no more j hill just mixon and Bernard who has an established role already. Bernard was there in the same role when hill had a great season so he won’t slow down mixon. Oc was fired mid season last year now a new oc with almost a full season of experience and time to make his own play book. Bengals drafted Billy price first round center and brought in cordy Glenn via trade to beef up the O line. Marvin Lewis is a run first mentality coach(not a good coach but he likes to run). Bengals fired Paul Alexander the O line coach for 25 years and brought in former Dallas offensive line coach frank pollack(I think this is very significant). mixon dropped 20 pounds from camp last year to this year back to even less than his college weight.

Cmc, he has higher upside than Howard if the reports that he will be getting significantly more carries is true. I don’t fully buy in that he can handle the work load. He showed at the end he has some ability to run inside the tackles last season but I’m not so sure he can do it for a full season. He has the highest floor more than likely due to pass catching. At the worst we will see a close repeat of last season which is Def not terrible for what would be a third round pick.
Howard, New coach who more than likely actually has a clue unlike fox. He’s gonna get his touches and be the bell cow. The thing holding Howard back from highest upside is pass catching. He’s shown flashes that he can do it but he hasn’t been consistent enough. Nagy forcing it to him could give confidence and excel him to put that tool in his game if that’s how he wants to use him. Cowen is the obvious passing back who was under used last season but isn’t big enough to carry a big load and take away to much from Howard I think they might use him lining up in the slot occasionally. Cowen will get his touches but their last of weapons makes that soften the blow for Howard. I think Howard has a high floor but a low ish upside.

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Thanx for the Detail. We made that trade as I never have an issue making the playoffs in that league, but wanted someone who can superman himself and go on that type of run during a stretch. My first few picks tend to flop, so I pulled the deal. I will be keeping Todd G gong further as well, hoping he may bring a chip or two as well my way.

Mixon, McKinnon, CMC, Howard

Yoo I don’t blame you at all Gurley and Kamara got me a ship together last year so I love em both but if it’s a keeper going forward and you can continue to keep Gurley, hell after signing that deal he just signed I don’t blame u at all. I’m also debating with myself on the same rbs that you are it’s a tough spot right at the end of the third tier . good luck in your league man

Derris Guice is creeping his way up quick.

Well let’s talk about ceiling, and then let’s talk about REASONABLE ceiling. Mixon has the TALENT to be a top 5 back. So sure, his “ceiling” is the highest. Is he going to hit that ceiling on the Bengals anytime soon? Probably not.
If Gurley is my RB1 I’m taking McCaffery just because he is GOING to be the #10 at best but #14 at worst AND will deliver consistent low end RB1 numbers, making him an EXCELLENT RB2

Don’t like the fact I heard Mixon’s #s fall as the game progresses. Small sample size in his first year, but didn’t expect to hear that about a young guy on a team who was probs losing most games. When they gave him the load, he didn’t stand out. Do like the McCaffery arguement, but a few new faces in Carolina w/Moore and CJ, as well as a healthy Olsen taking away C Mac touches. We are leaning w/J McKinnon at the moment, having the highest sealing due to the system he is in.

I would have to go Mixon as I think he will finish in at least the top 5 if not the number 1 overall rb, then McKinnon, McCaffrey, Howard

Jesus. I love Mixon but even I don’t have hopes this high for him. Barring injury to TG, DJ, Bell and Zeke, kamara, Saquon, Gordon, Fournette, maybe a couple others, I don’t see this happening.

I know very far fetched, just have that gut feeling this year for him

Any one of these guys can finish 5-10 assuming no injuries. I think Mckinnon has the highest ceiling based off not having to split the backfield… at this moment in time. Mixon has Gio, CMC has CJ and Cam, Howard has Cohen. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid that Mckinnon can be Devonte Freeman in Shannahan’s Offense.

I do however think that Howard is the safest and has the highest floor. He will be the goal-line back in Chicago. Cincy has used Gio quite a bit at the Goal-line. Carolina will use Cam or CJ and SF is undetermined. I can see them using Kyle Juszczyk

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Mixon numbers dropped in second half because of game script and Marvin Lewis. An example I can provide is they played the steelers and during the first half of the game mixon was averaging 7 ypc and was completely taken out of the game by Marvin Lewis in the 2nd half for a reason he wouldn’t discuss. I’m starting to buy in on McCaffrey as a real safe rb2 but wouldn’t take him if I’m looking for high rb1 upside he’s gonna get his catches that’s a fact and gives him such a great floor

This is based on what? McKinnon has literally never been a workhorse back despite being given every single opportunity to do so. They still have Breida who they like and is basically the Bernard equivalent and Joe Williams is also back. Then you have Kyle the fullback who will likely eat into goal line and short yardage work.

McKinnon can’t be Freeman. People need to stop with this nonsense. Freeman is a far superior runner than McKinnon and just as good a pass catcher if not better. He was also on a much better team with WAY better weapons in Julio who’s a top 3 WR in the league so he never have to face stacked boxes. SF’s best receiver is Goodwin. And unpopular opinion but a better / more proven quarterback. His offense also took a couple years to settle in and truly be successful given its complexity. That notion that McKinnon is just going to walk in, become a 3 down back and be an RB1 is insane.

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The zone blocking scheme made Steve Slaton a workhorse stud, and don’t forget Roy Helu became relavent name. J Mick wasn’t far behind Freeman in terms of last year’s #s. Now he’s with an offensive guru, if Carlos Hyde can do it, sky’s the limit for on J Mckinnon in this scheme…

2017 McKinnon:
Rushing: 151 Rushes, 570 yards, 3.8 YPC, 3TD
Receiving: 51 Receptions, 421 yards, 8.3 YPR, 2 TD

2017 Freeman:
Rushing: 196 Rushes, 865 Yards, 4.4 YPC, 7 TD
Passing: 36 Receptions, 317 Yards, 8.8 YPR, 1 TD.

Not sure how you see that as “wasn’t far behind”. Freeman is literally better and more efficient in every single metric. And last year was his worst year ever while it was McKinnons best year ever.

Stop drinking kool aid and look at the facts.

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