Please rate my draft (12-man PPR)

Hey guys, I just finished drafting and was wondering if I could get your inputs.
QB: Wentz, Allen
RB: D. Johnson, Cook, Coleman, L. Murray, Darwin Thompson, Tony Pollard
WR: Woods, Godwin, Boyd, Pettis, A. Miller
TE: Kittle
D/ST: Jaguars
K: Fairbairn
I had the 6th overall pick in my 12-man league.
Other notable 1st round picks who were available besides D. Johnson:
RB: Zeke, Bell, Gurley, Mixon, Conner
WR: Hill, Jones, JuJu, Brown, Thomas, OBJ
Did I make the right choices? Let me know your opinions!

Don’t want to sound too harsh overall, but I would have preferred any of the WRs you listed beside Brown over any in your group, but the group you have is solid and should be productive. Not crazy about Miller. Like the RBs, but would have taken Zeke. Without any other info, you should contend… Remember to always try to improve your squad. Good job.

Respectable points. I ended up going with Johnsom over those other players because I wanted a set it and forget it RB1 unless Adams and Hopkins were available (they weren’t). I also thought he would be safer than Zeke since he can holdout for several weeks. Thanks for the input!!