Please Rate My Draft please!

Here’s my first Draft Full Point PPR

Cam Newton
Kyler Murray

DeAndre Hopkins
Devante Adams
Robert Woods
Calvin Ridley
Dede Westbrook

Dalvin Cook
Chris Carson
Josh Jacobs
David Montgomery
Darwin Thompson

Austin Hooper

What do yall think? Thanks!



Killed it.

A+ if you swapped the Murray pick for another RB.

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Thanks man! I actually dropped Duke Johnson for Thompson… I could drop Murray and get Duke back?

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Yes please I think that would make you very happy.

You know you’re starting Newton every week anyway, unless you have some insider info on Murray that none of us know.

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I just like having Murray incase he breaks out and Cam gets hurt or I can use him in for Cams bye

I agree. Drafting a second QB is pretty much a waste of a pick. I get it that Cam does have the slight potential to sit out a week or two due to injury, but just stream a QB if that’s the case. Murray is going wayyyy to high for a rookie QB, just because of the recency bias of Baker last year. But still a great team.


Yeah but his breaks out would be putting up similar numbers to Cam, who has the better offence, better coach, better O-line, better receives, better arm, better everything.

Now you have to make start-sit decisions every week and paying the price of bench spot for it.

this… cant be real haha. i mean hopkins and adams alone are round 1 talents. let alone the round 2 and 3 talents you have with woods, cook, carson, jacobs, and montgomery. you killed it man. only thing i would do is find something besides hooper, but honestly you wont find much better at this point so meh oh well the rest of your team is killer.


Yeah dude it was crazy! I had the 7th pick and got this roster. People were goin crazy and picking QB’s like crazy in the 2nd round and overdrafting some crazy guys. I almost wet myself when Devante Adams fell back to me in the 2nd.

I’d say the best available options at TE right now are Darren Waller, Tyler Eifert and Jack Doyle but I think Hooper will be better than all of them.

This a 10 or 12 team league?

Is it an 8 team league?

Haha that was my question, no way it’s a 12 team league. Otherwise, good for you sir and congratulations on your win barring any injury.

its a 10 team league. I promise haha. I was just invited to this league this year. Didnt know what to expect with this new group of guys but I definitely was not expecting this