Please rate my latest draft! It's my big money league

12 Team PPR. 2nd pick
T. Brady
D. Johnson
D. Martin (I know he’s suspended)
D. Bryant
K. Allen
C. Clay
M. Bryant
Panthers D/ST
S. Gostkowski

E. Decker
T. Coleman
J. White
J. Brown
J. Rodgers
L. Murray
T. Lockett


You will make the playoffs.

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I assume you took Brady fairly high? I’d have passed and gotten another quality RB, because you’re pretty thin, but otherwise i like it.

Took him 5.11
A lot of people reached on RB so it was tough for me to pass up brady for someone like Carlos Hyde or Riddick

It’s your team, and it may work, but I’d have taken Hyde. Brady is certainly an advantage most weeks. You need him to be a beast.

I too had the second pick with similar format and went the Brady way 3.2 Passed on quite a few RB’s.I believe Brady will be a beast, A.Rodgers went 2.3.
You received much better value where you took him in the 5th. Overall you should be fine good draft I’d say solid B

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Sometimes it’s just too hard to pass up on the GOAT. Plus I felt good w the other picks I got to make up for it

That’s fair

What round did you pick up Clay?

14th round