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Looks like Fuller will be done. Any recommendations on a good receiver to pick up? Standard 10 person league. Top player on FA is Watkins. I like Nelson or Coutee.


jordy/martavis would be a good flyer this week, geronimo/cobb would be a good rest of season grab, i hate watkins, coutee is injured but thats your call. what else is out there, look at matchups ROS

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Coutee is a worthy pickup and hold, if his hamstring is okay he’s in line for a big step up in targets. Watkins would be the other choice, slightly inconsistent targets/usage but getting a piece of the KC offense isn’t a bad thing.

Allison if out there is a good pick up for now and ROS too. I don’t want any part of the Raiders offense aside from Cook (or Richard in PPR formats) so I’d leave Nelson alone.

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Keke Coutee for sure. With Fuller out Keke will be even better when he gets back, plus he’s got extra time to recover before next week

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