Pls Help, BYEpocalyps + injury

Half ppr League. 2RB-3WR-2Flex. Record: 3-3. Waivers run on Thursday

My team:
Rbs: Aaron Jones, Montgomery (IR), Hunt (IR), Damien Williams (Cov), Herbert, Carter

Wr: Lamb (bye), Dionte J (bye), E. Sanders (bye), Fuller (IR), Toney (Doubt), Robby Anderson, Corey Davis.

IR spot: Jeff Wilson

Should I give this game up? I can’t even play 3 wrs
Who should I drop? Jeff Wilson and Fuller?

This is awful.

Ouch. depends who is in waiver . Hows the other team. depends if the other team is as bad shape as you are then maybe i would try to compete.if not and If there are no waivers then you probably need to chalk this up as a loss.

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man that is tough. i personally would give it up. your league mates can see your team and should know you dont have a choice. i wouldnt drop any of those dudes.

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besides maybe fuller; that man will clown you all year long

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feel free to help me out with my issue

This are the top waiver options. With Gibson´s injury i might try to pick up mckissic for Fuller.
What do you think?

I’d drop Fuller and probably Williams. I think even when Fuller comes back he is going to be gobbled by Waddle and Geseiki. Herbert has looked solid in relief of Montgomery via Williams.

It really depends on who is on the waiver wire. Tough situation though