Pls help me at 6Player Trade decision

Hey guys and girls,

this is only my second Year in Fantasy Football, still won a Championship last year thx to the FFB Pod! So Iam still not that experienced at trades, but last night I got this trade offer:

My Trade away:
Alex Collins
Will Fuller

His Trade away:
L. Fournette
M. Sanu

Note that it is a 10Man standard league, we are both 6-2, will play him in Week11 and I also have Allex Smith and Russell Willson on my Team, thanks to a stupid trade for another guy :smile:
Trade expires tomorrow before the games start, so I need fast opinions from you all! Would you take the trade?

Thx for your help and opinions from Germany

I would absolutely pull the trigger. Fuller is going to be hot garbage without Watson and Collins will lose touches to Woodhead. You can afford to lose Dak with Rushel on your team. Just drop Goff and grab a handcuff for the playoffs


Yeah that was my thougt too, just don’t had many trades so far in my leagues.
Thx for your opinion! Love this Forum already :smiley: