Pls help. Need trade advice

Should I look to trade Zeke for a RB1 in a standard scoring league? I am in first place at 7-2 and have Ajayi, Hunt, and Alfred Morris as my only other RBs. I have a gut feeling Zeke will be suspended and miss the fantasy playoffs. Should I go with my gut and trade him? Or risk holding on to him and leaning on those other 3 RBs to lead me to a championship?

Who would you attempt to get for him?

Really any solid RB1 (Freeman, Shady, Lamar Miller). Or if you have any other suggestions.

If you truly believe Zeke will be suspended after today’s hearing then it’s worth trying for something. I mean, you have Morris which would help cushion the blow but if you can turn him into something like Shady plus something then I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Freeman, Ingram, Shady would be my targets…Lev obviously but doubtful it could happen…Fournette…I don’t like Miller with Watson down…the problem is other owners likely have the same fear so it might be difficult. But it’s a boom or bust move and if you can pull one of those guys I think you would be fine even if Zeke did end up playing 16.

I think I would personally move him. While I can see a very real possibility of him playing all year, if there is even a chance he misses and you can somehow get a good value for him, I think it’s worth the risk of doing.

If nothing else just to be done with the will-he won’t-he… and even if he plays it’s not like you’d be cheated if you got a good RB1 like McCoy or someone in return.

You think Ingram would be a good trade? He’s less appealing to me because of Kamara.

@dirtyjerz @tlp27 What about Melvin Gordon?

Yes Gordon would be great if you can get him

Hope you got it done…Zeke suspended…