Pls pick a side - Pls n Thx

Abdullah & Coleman


West & Woodhead

I’ve got back to back picks and considering taking one of the above combos.

Thx 4 your feedback😊

Abdullah/Coleman if you are going 4-RB roster construction so you won’t get killed during the bye, but if you can lock up that BAL backfield as your 3/4 and get someone like Rawls/Perkins a few rounds later, I’d go with the security and depth plays

Why does it have to be either/or? Couldn’t it be one of each? Because I’d take Abdullah and then Wodhead in ppr or West in standard.

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It’s a .5 ppr - i was thinking the above combos was the way to go. I expect all 4 to be there.

Just scrambling for a couple of rb2’s - that should have solid floors and a bit of upside.

Thx for the feedback!