Plz Help Big Trade!

Full Point PPR
I’m Trading:
Juju Smith-Schuster (WR)
Derrick Henry (RB)
Darrell Henderson (RB)
Jordan Reed (TE)
Justin Jackson (RB)

I’m Receiving:
Keenan Allen (WR)
Leonard Fournette (RB)
Tyler Boyd (WR)
Vance McDonald (TE)
Marquise Lee (WR)

I’m leaning towards yes, but please leave your opinion

Hi Erceg88 - that’s a pretty noisy trade. To me it looks like you are giving a Tier 2 WR for a Tier 4 & Tier 6 WR (though both with upside). Henry and Fournette are in the same tier. TEs are an arguable wash. Who else do you have at WR?

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