PLZ HELP! My team is 0-2, What do I do now PLZ review my roster**SCREEN SHOTS INCLUDED**

I’m 0-2 now… I felt pretty good about my team after the draft but Im tilting pretty damn hard right now…
Where can I improve? What should I target? Am I worrying to much?
Take a look at my Squad and let me know what I can do to fix this… I feel like I have a solid Squad

12 team Half Point PPR

Please help guys… Im titling hard

I think you’ll be ok when you get Ingram and Jones back. You’re also going to have to hope Cooper puts some good games together. I think trying to trade Conner for a decent WR would be ok where you have 2 rbs coming back. Freeman isnt going to get enough work to be a consistent starter. You might be in for a long season.

If you want to make a move, try and trade julio for Hunt and another WR

You put yourself in a tight spot when you drafted 3 players who were missing time (Ingram jones michel) and been unlucky with injuries. You will be far better off when they are both back.

In terms of moves, callaway is a person you can sell high as I’m not sure you’ll ever have the confidence to play him over kupp Julio Cooper or even Davis based on volume.

You can ride out Conner as by week 10 Freeman will either be the guy or not. Same with Michel and you’ll be in a better spot in terms of who to play and who not to.

I didnt draft Ingram… Some idiot in my league dropped him before the season started and I was lucky enough to pick him up… I did draft Mcckinnon but he got hurt so I felt better getting ingram at least…

Like I said I feel like my team is solid I just cant string a win together and im getting worried… I just picked up Callaway before this week as a stash… But you are right Injuries are killing me right now…

I feel like i need to do something to help fix this but at the same time i feel like if i ride it out I should be ok cause im just having bad luck …

Also the Royce Freeman situation is starting to worry me a bit… Im hoping they can have a Ingram/Kamara RBBC there or that picks gonna bite me in the butt lol

I think your team will bounce back… I would personally stay put or maybe look to trade connor for a WR

Yeah Im feelin like I should give it 1 more week… but im getting scared lol… looks like i should pick up Fitzmagic and have him save my team HAHAHAHAHAH . JK JK lol