Plz let me join your dynasty

I am a 21 year old semi-adult in search of a super serious dynasty league. I’ve been playing fantasy since I was 9 (yes, this is no exaggeration, my dad has been playing fantasy since they had to literally create the stats out of the newspapers the day after the games and he sucked me into it as soon as I showed interest). Through these 12 years I’ve been apart of every type of league and I think I have 7 or 8 championships under my belt (weird flex but ok). Unfortunately, my real life friends show no interest in creating a Dynasty league or keeping more than 2 players on a roster, so I naturally come to the lifesaver that is the Fantasy Footballers. I’m willing to pay League fees and everything!

I’ve been listening to the ballers since week 5 of this past season and just love the podcast and the guys on twitter!

Hopefully this post works, and if you want to stalk me on social, my Twitter is @thenoblestbear

DM sent via Twitter

i run 3 32 team leagues, the above being a new league starting this year. They are highly involved and competitive. You sound like a perfect fit for my type of leagues.

never got your request for some reason

Sweet! I’ll check it out!

I haven 10 years experience in redraft leagues, but have never played in a dynasty league and would like to start. I’m considering starting a dynasty league ONLY for newbies. Would you be interested in getting into a new league with others who have not played in a dynasty league before?

I’m down to start a new one! Would we do a brand new draft at the beginning to start the league or auto generate teams

I would like to start up with you…
I have yet to join a dynasty league

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