Pods Mahomes trade

Starting to worry about Mahomes ankle? This was offered to me. Mahomes/Kelce/Ekler for Ryan/Ertz/T. Coleman/ Ty Williams. Two things I like about this trade, Williams and Coleman have had their byes, and Mahomes isn’t till 12. Which mean he got be hampered by this ankle for awhile. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t do the deal and here is why:

Mahomes (even while injured) > Ryan (I’ll give you its close)
Kelce = Ertz (both underperforming and either could blow up at any time)

Ekeler and Coleman are both RBBC with similar assuming any level of PPR

So you made 3 lateral moves but got Ty Williams, should be good right? Well, the similar value is a bit of a mirage. I think Mahomes is at his floor and Ryan at ceiling; meaning, ROS Mahomes should out perform him.
I think Kelce and Ertz are both at their floors; but, KC getting Hill back opens up the middle of the field for Kelce and Kelce has proved to be a top guy with Hill healthy. While a healthy Jeffery and DJax only take away targets from Ertz who hasn’t been a top guy without a large market share.
Ekeler and Coleman are still equal.

So, I think its a fair trade; but, you’re trading 2 guys at their floor for 1 guy likely to regress and another unlikely to progress. In the moment, its a good deal for you; however, it could backfire ROS

It’s not terrible, but it’s mostly a lateral move for an additional low WR2 and a slight upgrade at RB. If you need help at WR its fine but KC can easily bounce back any time