Point Per Completion QB Draft Question

Hi everyone, curious how soon I should start to look at drafting a QB in a full PPR league where QB’s get a point per completion. There’s a lot of good QBs in later rounds but this format put more of an emphasis on having a higher tier QB. Thanks in advance.

Full point per completion? thats alot since the average quarterback completes 20-30 passes a game means getting a quarterback is important but keep in mind your league is all on the same scoring level so this doesn’t change as much as you think. Look at quarterbacks from last year top 5 completions per game QBS: Big ben/foles/luck/cousins/ryan
rodgers: 13
mahomes: 9

what this means is you can wait on a quarterback even more and target a Kirk cousins style qb late since the gap on qbs has been bridged to be even closer…

mahomes finsihed with 417 points add in ppc: 823
cousins finished with 282 points add in ppc 734

with high completion guys thats less the 100 points between the #1 qb and the #13 QB…you would make that up since mahomes is a 3rd round pick and cousins is 13/14th round pick. you would need your rbs/Wr to score around 5.5 more points then thiers per week to cover that not alot in a ppr league.

My guess your league will lean heavily on getting an early QB as well which would give you a bigger advantage waiting for guys like brees/cousins/big ben

Thank you!