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Points Per Conversion League


I am joining a points per conversion league, plus ppr, for the first time ever. After looking over the points system, a running back gets 2 pts for each running conversion and Qbs get 2 pts for each passing conversion. How should I change my rankings to match this new scoring format? Are there any specific players that I should target at Qb and Rb that would thrive in this type of league? Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:


@B-Ram Do you mean a conversion like points-after-touchdowns conversion, or points for converting 1st downs?


Qb gets 2 points each completed pass and Rb gets 2 points each running attempt. I think that’s what it means when it says “conversion.”



I’d double check those rules dude. I’m fairly certain they’re talking about point after conversions.

I have never ever heard of a league to give 2 points for a pass completion AND a running attempt.

That would mean any RB would score at least 40 points with 20 carries…


Just asked the commish and it is point after conversions.


Problem solved.