Points scored league

Any owners out there doing a Points scored standings vs a head to head league? Curious about switching next season. Tired of being near the top of points scored and somehow still losing because the other team gets the highest score each week.

If you like points scored - try a Guillotine league.

Losing sucks. And I feel for ya there. But in a head-to-head league, I don’t even look at points-for. They mean nothing.

I think I am going to try standings as usual next year but leaving at least 1 spot for the next highest scoring team.

Don’t think that’s true at all. High scoring team means you have been the most consistent throughout the year, just have had bad matchups.

I am the highest scoring team by 60 points but have also had the most points scored against me.

My team is probably one of the top 3 in this league, if not the best. I scored 183 points earlier this year and lost by .6 points.
This week I am projected to score 158 points (still have Gallup and Engram playing tonight) but the guy I am playing is projected to score in the 150’s too.

Bad matchups are frustrating. I think part of that is part of fantasy football, but I think having 1 spot for the high scoring team is a good way to mitigate this.

I play in leagues that dedicate a playoff spot for highest points. If that’s what you and the league want - than go for it!

High scoring team really only means highest scoring team. IMO, a win is a win. Even if the margin is .6 points. If you were 8-0 would you even consider what your total points were?

Personal opinion…if you are going to play a head to head game than a win should be more important that who has the most points in a given game or at the end of the year.

I feel ya man. In my league right now I’m tied with a guy in record and PF, but he has 100 fewer PA. I’d probably be #1 in the league if I had that switched. I think, in general, the preference depends on how invested each owner is. If you have a pretty casual league but you’re really invested in strategy, then you care more about the points because you want to be rewarded for your strategy and head-to-head doesn’t always account for that. But if other owners are more casual, then they probably like the HtH format because they don’t have to focus as much on strategy.

When you’re trying to eek out an extra 3 points in a flex spot, you want to be rewarded for making the right analysis and choosing the right player. But when you just start whoever based on projection, you don’t care about the actual points.

yeah its super frustrating. I have 255 more points than the guy in first place.