Polarizing Questions, part I: If Dalvin Cook plays 16 games, Than?

Cook is a very polarizing player to us, in ppr as well as standard. Kubiak is an assistant HC up in Minnesota, while this preseason rookie looks good there, we’re buying into the fact they may have a very successful run scheme.

Dalvin Cook has been to hell and back in his young career. He talks and carries himself like a vets these days. We’re project 1250 yards & 8 tds on the ground, also 650 yards & 4 tds through the air. And this would be our lower projections if he plays the full 16 games this year. His ceiling in our book is #4 overall, possibly a #3 finish.

You guys buying or selling???

Buying. Volume = production, it’s as old of a story as time itself.

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Selling at that value. He’s not finishing over Barkley, CMC, Kamara or Zeke. He’ll be an absolute monster if he plays all 16, but a) I highly doubt he will, and b) he still won’t finish above those guys if so.

Zeke and Gordon are carrying too much baggage with them right now. Chubb’s and Dame Will’s projections in full 16 games can vault them up there. But if this Vikings’ rookie is flashing like this in preseason, we’re super excited to see Cook in this running scheme.