Policy on roster adjustments in canceled/postponed games

I am giving the managers of my leagues the below options if a game that one of their starters is in is canceled/postponed this year. Do these options make sense? Are they fair? Feedback is appreciated.

  1. Adjust your lineup, putting a player in from your bench that has not played yet.
  2. Adjust your lineup, putting a player in from free agency that has not played yet. Cut a player on your roster.
  3. Adjust your lineup, putting a player on your bench that has already played and scored under 10 pts.
  4. Leaving the player in your lineup, if the game is made up and played at a later date the points will be applied at that time and the result of the match-up will be adjusted accordingly.

We set up rules for the unlikely event of canceled games a number of years ago. (Forget what year. There was a hurricane. Forget which one. And there was a chance that they were going to cancel or postpone a game. The game in question ended up not being postponed. Regardless, we made a point to add a rule for the following season.

The rule we ended up going for was simply that a postponed or canceled game would be treated just as if those team’s players were on a bye. And any makeup game (if there was one) would not be retroactively applied to the original week. Admittedly a bit harsh, but it’s clean and there’s no manual scoring or roster adjustments which can easily lead to unintended league drama.

The options you offer “make sense” and are “fair” to answer your original question. But some of the options but a heavier maintenance burden on the commish. As long as the commish is up for the extra work (should it come to that) you should be fine.

We’re just adding extra IR slots this year so if there is a canceled or postponed game, you can slide the non-playing players over and get your bench / waiver claims in like any other last-minute injury adjustment. Basically, your option 1.

Curious what the league decided. Good luck.