Pollard ADP

Where should he be taken? Especially by the Zeke owner.

Jerry Jones came out saying they’re bracing for a six-week regular season holdout from him. So higher than yesterday. 6th or 7th honestly.

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Knowing there’s a hold out. Do you grab Pollard in the in the 6th of a guy like Kenyan Drake that can help long term?

I was able to get Pollard in Round 13 last week when the buzz with Zeke sounded like he’d sign before Week 1 but he’s definitely not falling that far now. If you pick Zeke in the first round, you need to aim for Pollard starting in Round 6 (12-team league).

Yeah it’s a keeper league so Zeke is my keeper (keepers count as everyones 1st round pick). With that in mind, i am without a 2nd and 6th round pick.