Pollard as of today

With Zeke signing today would it be beneficial for the Zeke owner to keep pollard as an insurance policy or wait for week 1 waivers and pick up someone more useful?

I plan on keeping him for a bit even as a non Zeke owner…i took a gamble late on Pollard and it didnt pay off…so until i NEED someone, ill have him incase something happens to Mr.Cabo

Id say he’s pretty safe to drop now. Unless you have loads of bench spots or there is just nothing else out there that will contribute now then I think you can move on.

I’m only keeping him for now because i hate whats left on the waiver wire. But unless zeke gets hurt in the first couple of weeks im sure ill drop him by week 2 or 3

Yeah I think keeping him for at least 2 weeks is a good idea just Incase Zeke has any issues returning to the field after being away. Or if there is a spicy week 1 waiver pick up I might not be able to pass on lol

What about dropping Pollard for Justin Jackson?

Already snagged him lol

I don’t think so both are #2 right now. Pollard has the easier path to actual starts. Gordon will have to return by week 9 or so, and has to compete with Eckler. If Zeke goes down from being away you have an immediate bell cow.

Plus it saves you waiver priority

Even though Gordon has permission to seek a trade?

I doubt that a trade would occur. They want a first round pick for that trade and the receiving team will have to pay market level pricing for Gordon… that’s a lot to give up.

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