Pollard for theilen?

If I trade pollard for theilen would that improve my roster or should I wait for pollard to go off and see how long zeke will sit

Did someone offer you Theilen? Why are you asking the question here you should have accepted already. Pollard is not a long term solution for your team. Theilen is

Nice draft.


It hasnt been offered I was thinking about offering it to the Zeke owner sorry I didnt clarify that. And thanks for the draft compliments

It may not be a popular opinion but I see Justin Jackson and Pollard as similar players. Good players to have to start the season off but most likely won’t win the league for your.

I doubt they will trade for Pollard straight up but doesn’t hurt to start the conversation. I’d want something in return with more value than Kupp to plug into this lineup.


That’s exactly my worries is kupp I know that he has looked good upon his return but does have a rough injury history. And I agree about Jackson as well I literally drafted them both as trade values to there handcuffs owners