Pollard or D. Thompson

I have Pollard but am wondering is Thompson would be a better long term play this season.

10 team PPR - Should I drop Pollard for Thompson?

Personally I would hold onto Pollard until Zeke signs… Thompson holds more value over time and I personally feel he will take the starting job this season… but 1st couple weeks Pollard is a good play with Zeke out…

whats your RB situation look like now? if youre solid drop pollard and snag Thompson as a stash…


with how things are going, i agree. darwin has long term value and if this is a keeper, i might just go with darwin. but pollard has the potential to be an RB1 in the offense and filling in for zeke while he is out. i dont think darwin ever takes the starting job, but he will in my mind be a fantastic HPPR/PPR machine with plenty of upside. if i knew for sure i would change my answer. but right now its all projection so im hesitant to just crown him like that when we have only seen some practice highlights and 2 very small sample sized preseason games. if you have the depth to go with darwin and wait him out a bit to see how they use him, i would consider it as well.

Our league has small benches (only 5… and 2 flexes) My RB situation is solid with L Bell, Freeman, Sony, M Sanders and then Pollard.

you do have really good depth in front of him. pollard still has good value though so i wouldnt want to just drop him. i might put some trade bait out there and see who bites and hopefully get something for him andthen grab darwin. or if you need to hurry and do a claim today you could always just go for it. so if you want to take the risk that comes with darwin and the recent good news from him, i dont have a problem with it at all. sometimes you just have to take some risks for guys you really like.

Yeah try and see if the Zeke owner will take pollard in a trade… maybe you can improve your squad… Worth a shot… Just sell it to them like they need it or their season will go to sh*t lol … put that salesman hat on


My hope is that my league isn’t paying attention yet, and I’ll have time to see what shakes with Zeke. If he signs, then I can just make the drop.