Pollard trade

I missed out on Pollard in my .5PPR 10 team league. I have Zeke, but feel like I should try to get Pollard now.

The owner is asking for an OJ Howard for Pollard trade. I have Mark Andrews as my backup TE.

Would you do this trade as the Zeke owner or try to survive until he comes back?

Others on my team: D Cook, Sony, M Sanders, AB, Edelman, Dede, R Anderson, E Sanders, MVS, Mahomes.

I would as much as I love OJ Howard a don’t think he can replace what pollard will bring to your team if zek sits

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I’d wait. Howard could be good for a while. Pollard you might get 4 weeks out of. You have decent RB depth to hold the line

Just seen your team hold out play Dede at flex and hopefully sanders comes out week one and dominates snaps

idk, RBs get hurt a lot and having depth could be a big deal. Howard might be good but some TE is going to come out this year and he can snag them off of waivers. Last year I had first pick and skipped Bell because I thought he might sit the year. I don’t think RBs are nearly as likely to come back as they once were. I’d do it. If Pollard goes off you might never get him and now you’re in a James Connor situation.

Giving your rb depth with cook, sony and sanders I would just hold out and hope zeke comes back soon.

This is a good point, and the fact that I still have what the guys consider to be a solid TE in Andrews could help as well. I’m still not 100% sure but this helps. Thank you!

For me if the asking price is OJ Howard you walk away and fill out rb with other guys for any games Elliott sits.

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Looks like Zeke might be coming back sooner than thought, hopefully you didn’t trade O.J.

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Hell no. I love Andrews but he’s not going to be able to start for you right away. He saw like 30% of the preseason snaps. You don’t even need eke to start for you right away. your RB corps is stacked. Put out Cook and Sony and start a WR in your flex. You’ll be fine. Once zeke comes back, you’ll crush.


I did not. I decide to holdout with Zeke. Thanks to everyone for the advice!


For what it’s worth, my comment applies even before all this slightly positive news on Zeke today. Even if Zeke holds out a couple weeks, you do not give up an every week TE starter in an incredibly weak class for someone who has no value upon Zeke’s return.