Pondering Gronk

I’ve been offered a trade for Gronk and McKinnon and in return I get Ertz and Julio Jones.

My other RBs are Hunt, Martin, David Johnson, buck Allen
WR are Hilton, Baldwin, Fuller, Keenan Allen.

Don’t really need Jones, but if like him. It’s the McKinnon bit that I feel like I’d miss out on.

I’m in 2nd place 5-1 so I’m comfortable.


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Love it. That is great for you’re team. You’re fulfilling that elite WR need. I believe you need that myself. I believe in Julio Jones.

Definitely take this trade Ertz is a monster and without the Gronk injury risk and your roster needs Julio much much more than it needs McKinnon. Very slight downgrade at TE and a huge Upgrade for a strong WR1


Do you think that buck Allen or even Kelley will fill the void that McKinnon will leave?

Damn wish I could get that trade! Ertz is a baller!

I took the trade. I play the guy next week! Hope this doesn’t come back to bite!

I can’t believe anyone offered this trade. Guess he’s done with Julio (man did he choose a bad week for that?). That’s a steal.

Trade completion is Tuesday, so I miss out this week

Ah, that sucks. I’d start pushing for no wait/review time in trades. That’s a terrible rule.