Looking for other local peoples interested in a fantasy league, possibly meet when we can.

I have not details on type of league just measuring the interest out there.

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Dude! I’m down… moved up here a year ago, and have been looking to get a league started.

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Do you have a preference for platform? Sleeper, Espn, Yahoo? I think my preference would be Sleeper or Espn.

@xangilmartin @jacob4530928746 what kind of league are you two thinking?

10 or 12 team
WORKS FOR ME muuuhahahahahha

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Hey, myself and my friend (another Footclan member) both live in Vancouver and are interested. Any chance y’all are thinking dynasty? We’re open to either but really want to find a dynasty startup.

I’m in the Portland area and my home league is taking a year off this year… Screw Covid… I would be interested in joining a local league.

Im down for pretty much whatever. Prefer keeper league…

I’m definitely in if you get one going, I’m a little south of Portland down in Sherwood. ESPN is probably my preferred format but I’d give Sleeper a shot. I might know a couple of people who would be interested in joining as well if more spots need to be filled

Hey all, sorry was busy this weekend. I like Sleeper because it’s easy, but ESPN has better stat analysis options.

@javitti362 Would you be willing to drive down for drafts and what not? Half the reason of trying to do a local league is so that we can, at some point, all meet up. As for the particular scoring style, i’m not too interested to be honest.

DM me emails and i’ll send out invites to league on ESPN. We can use what’s app or something else to set up league rules and details.

No worries. I would love to drive down. Border closed right now is a pain though. I would be willing to drive down in the future. I was born in Portland and have a sister living there. Have family in Salem too. I would love to draft via Zoom this year.

I get the scoring style thing. I find this format way more interesting than the traditional ones. Trying to gather people. My league that used this format disbanded and I would hate to lose it because I enjoy it so much. If you are up for giving it a try feel free to join.


@xangilmartin @javitti362 @samthebutcher503 @jacob4530928746 @Skogal @Jwirth8288

DM your email and I’ll send you invites, a guy who posted another portland thread has a sleeper league he standing up and I’m looking into sending invites to you guys. If you’re interested.