Positional Value Help!

Hi everyone!
I just joined the footclan and I’m excited to be here!

Question: How do you value one position over the next during a draft using the UDK Tiers cheat sheet?
For example, how do I know when to pivot in the first round rb’s and draft a receiver instead? I’m not looking for an answer when to draft Michael Thomas but trying to value players

One way to look at it would be for example, if all tiers 1 and 2 RBs are gone but one of the tier 2 WRs is still available, probably not a bad idea to snatch them up. This year it’s nice to get RBs early since the RB quality dropoff hits much faster than WR quality, but there absolutely comes a point where the tier difference is too good to pass up.

I remember the Ballers mentioning something like this once: RB tiers should favor WR tiers. I.E. RB tier 1 > WR Tier 1 > RB Tier 2 > WR Tier 2. But then that logic flips at a certain point. Maybe around tiers 4 or 5

That’s pretty solid info. Didn’t think of it that way.