Positive Raiders Talk

Just friendly conversation! Just Have Fun Baby!

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For once in what seems like forever, we have something to look forward to.

A lot of people are dogging on the Clelin Ferrell, but some analysts such as Mike Tagliere (Who I really respect his knowledge) had Ferrell in his top 5. I personally don’t watch enough college to give a great take on him, but from what I read, he’s really hit or miss on plays/games.

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I would have to agree!

Sports gambling is a larger industry than the NFL. Las Vegas is the epicenter of sports gambling. They gather the tinyest of minutiae on everyone involved in sports. Some of that knowledge will be poured into the Raiders. I hate hockey but look at the LV team. They come into the league and make the finals. I expect the Raiders to do very well starting in 2020. Also that homefield advantage will be tops in the league. I’d rather go play football in Green Bay in -20 in december than LV in 999999 in September.