Possible Aiyuk Boom

What are the chances Aiyuk ends up 15-20 WR or higher? He is a FA in my league and I have a feeling everyone is missing on him after the first week .28 points. In half PPR last year, 12 games, he averaged 12.8 points, 6-times with over 15 points. That was with back-up QBs. I am stacked at WR, but think this could give me options for trades. Thoughts?

This is an 8-team league. I could drop Conner or L. Murray.

Honestly, it depends on how stacked at receiver you are.

I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to give up RB depth to get a guy who is likely going to be more volatile than your other options (assuming you have multiple top-10 options on your squad).

Do you have any rookie or low-end WR options that you could drop instead?

I decided to drop my kicker to give myself some more time to think. Pick the kicker back up on Sunday. Maybe someone on my roster gets the O for the week, we’ll see. Thanks for responding.

Good way to tackle it

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I see what you did there.

Out of curiosity, who are your WR?

Keep in mind, it is an 8-Team league. K. Allen, Cee Dee, Godwin, Thielen, DJ Moore, AB, Aiyuk.

And you’re trying to go after DK…so yeah, you’d picked him up to possibly trade him. I don’t think he ever cracks your starting lineup aside from MAYBE a bye or a ridiculous amount of injuries.

Still worth doing if you can afford the roster spot.

Yeah, was trying to get a top 5. Devante owner is a Packer fan, Hopkins owner always thinks his draft picks are gold (has never finished top 3 in the league), Tyreek is probably untouchable after week 1. My best targets are Diggs, Metcalf, and Ridley. Ridley scares me a bit but might be had at the lowest cost.

Probly land somewhere in the 10-15 range, yeah.