Possible Cheater in ESPN League

So last week in my fantasy league on ESPN I was playing this guy who had Ross in one of his WR spots. Noticed he had McLaurin on his bench, which was great for that late TD because I have him on my other team and he was in my lineup. Check a few minutes later and McLaurin is in his lineup and Ross is out. Then Ross scores last minute TD and Ross is back in. Essentially this guy was (I believe) swapping guys from bench depending on point total.

Important to note he is not the commissioner but he has the commissioner’s login info (and admitted he did). There is no record of it in the “recent transaction tab” when I checked later, but I figure you can probably delete that.

Guy is claiming it was a “glitch” in the system, that he had nothing to do with it and he has seen this happen before. Anyone ever hear of this happening?

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Sorry that your first post is about possible cheating…

You cannot delete that info from ESPN. Their platform is not that evolved. However, with commish power, you can make transaction for teams (or at least you could in years past - I don’t commish an ESPN league in 2019).

This is not a thing. I’ve never seen a player switch in an out.

From Web, if you go League Home > Scoll down to “See Full Recent Activity” you can see all transactoin. You can also change the Activity Type to LM actions. This is where you see what the League Manager (Commish) is doing (or not doing).

Why does the non-commish have the commish user/password?


Thanks for the welcome! Used the site for my draft this year and really liked it.

But yeah, I looked at that and saw that there is no LM activity. However, as punishment the real commish changed his lineup to take out the WR and that didn’t show up either. I know they have that capability but thought there would be a public records (which there doesn’t appear to be).

Apparently the commish has ESPN+ and lets other people use his info to read articles.

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@Rookie92. Just wanted to echo @fun4willis’s WELCOME!!!

Also…wanted to add a little more feedback to your issue. My league has been thru ESPN for 6 years now. They made a TON of updates to the FANTASY SITE this pre-season and almost all the changes have been amazing.

ANYWAY…to touch on the RECENT ACTIVITY section…you don’t have to do anything special to find the LM ACTIVITY. In the RECENT ACTIVITY list you’ll see all the normal GREEN AND RED - ADD AND DROP circles, AND…any LM activity will also be in that list as a GREY circle with white initials LM. BUT…as @fun4willis said…there’s NO way even the LM can go in and delete his own activity. Hope you eventually are able to figure out what happened!!! :slightly_frowning_face:

lol you could TOTALLY do this. all you have to do is have owner permission or be an LM. ive done this a couple times…