Possible CMC Trade Offer

.5 ppr- I’d trade away CMC for Gordon and Thomas.

Rbs- CMC, Lindsay, White, Breida, McCoy
WRs- Godwin, Golladay, Djax, Dorsett


No. Thomas is great but I’d want something more established than Gordon as of now. CMC is the top guy. I’d ask for the tippy top

Cmc is virtually untradeable unless you get a big haul for him, and that offer is not a big haul

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Definitely not. You need CMC far more than Thomas. And assuming that’s Melvin Gordon, still wouldn’t downgrade your RB that much.

I wouldn’t take it. CMC is playing out of his mind. I’d keep him.

I’m in the same situation, was offered cook and julio for CMC. Unsure of which side to take on this

Don’t do that.

if i could secure mattison, this is possibly worth considering depending upon many other team-specific factors of course