Possible CMC Trades?

Assuming I can get any other owner to be interested in taking CMC at this point. Full PPR.

— CMC, Hubbard, Landry for Kamara, Mike Davis, Waddle

— CMC, Hubbard, Thielen for Kamara, Mike Davis, Ja’Marr Chase

I’m very thin at RB with both CMC and CEH hurt (down to just Booker and Gainwell other than Hubbard), so I need 2 RBs I can use right away. Other team also has Henderson and Pollard, plus I’d send Hubbard.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get Kamara, he’s past his bye, getting MT back which I think helps him. Plus is top 3/5 locked in this year by the looks of it.

You might be able to offer CMC and Hubbard to get Henderson. But after a solid week and more injures at RB that’ll be tough too.

You could just ride Hubbard until CMC comes back though? Can you not package Booker and a WR (full list?) to the Saquon owner for a start worthy RB2?

He doesn’t have much besides Barkley - he’s got Zeke who’s on bye, McNichols and Hines. I don’t think I can get Zeke for Booker/WR unless Saquon’s suddenly declared done for the year in the next couple of days, and even then I doubt it.

My current WRs are Pittman, McLaurin, Callaway and Thielen, plus Landry about to come off IR and Gallup off IR soon after that.

You could try shopping Booker and Thielen, I don’t know if you’d get Henderson but worth a try. Otherwise start working on RBs listed in the top 15/20 ECR and see if anyone is interested.

Or Chubb if that manager is hurting, but that’s risky.

The other, cheaper option might be Sanders. You could probably get him and still hold onto most of your players. He’s getting an uptick in snaps, rush share and target share. Matchups will get better. He’ll be a mid to low RB2 but he will be very cheap now.

I’d maybe see what he costs.

Second cheap option would be JD McKissic, for just a PPR play.

I like the Sanders idea, but the team that has him only carries 2 other RBs besides Sanders and one of them (Ekeler) is on a bye. Might be an option if he does well on the waiver wire. I also put in a bunch of claims but I’ll still try to find a workable trade.

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Ended up getting Stevenson off waivers, plus still a chance that Booker could start this week. So that might be a solution for now at least. It gives me more time to consider what to do with CMC, or maybe trade CEH instead.

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