Possible collusion? Need help

Owner in this league seems to be having a sketchy conversation. We don’t typically vote on trades, but before 12:00pm (at 11:10 Sunday) this trade went through

Team a - pat mahomes, Calvin Ridley
Team b- Watson, duke johnson, Julio

Today a trade between the same team includes them sending back the quarterbacks and a swap for the Julio that was just traded for Michael Thomas. Is this fair?

It looks suspicious. But may be cold feet got a renegotiation afterwards. I’d ask them to explain if you believe it’s collusion

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If you are the commish seems fair to enquire with both parties separately. If you are not than bring up your concerns with the commish and ask them to investigate.

It sounds like the commish was one of the teams that traded. Then pushed it through himself because he was getting a better deal.
I’d bring it up since they traded right back. Did this change any outcomes?

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The commish is refusing to put it on vote. It’s between the commish and another member who hasn’t said anything.

It’s sounding very much like collusion. It stops being fun when this happens.

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No vote. Never vote.

But the commish can do their own, private, investigation.

Investigation sounds official - but the end result is asking a couple Q’s to make sure that everything is above board.

The commish is involved with the trade. Hence the vote to see if it’s collusion.

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Than you can ask the questions to the commish and the other party, separately:

  • Why trade back the QBs?
  • If the trade was ultimately this (Micheal Thomas and Duke for Calvin Ridley) have them explain the motivation?

I did ask. The guy says he liked Julio. Now he owns Julio and Ridley? Can’t get a straight forward answer either. Note taken- don’t join twitter leagues lol

What does the other side say?

If you don’t get straight answers than ask in a public forum. That is fair.

I’m asking for a vote on this in the group chat. Commish saying he wants all trades to go back if we have to vote. Lol

I’m a firm believer in no vetos. I agree with the commish that if you have a veto vote on one trade than they all should follow the same process.

Are there league by-laws?..agree with rando-twitter leagues.

So basically saying it’s my ball and I’m going home. Awful.

I believe in letting owners do what they want even if it’s stupidity but cullusion ruins it for everyone. Even them as other league participants will focus on leagues with more integrity

UPDATE: today the commish accepted a trade : sending out Julio for Austin Ekler. He hit accept, was about to push it through and then read about Melvin Gordon coming back. He immediately cancelled the trade saying it was unfair.

I got my money back after that lol - called this BS out because thats using his power where every other player would have to live with that trade

That’s some BS. I stick to one league with friends and fanduel

@agallich Good move. Life is too short to be in a crappy league.