Possible collusion

I’m a commissioner of a league and suspect collusion on a trade. James Conner for DJ Chark and Jared Goff. Only the team getting Conner is in contention and the other team already has two qbs. I don’t veto trades but do you think this is collusion?

Based on the info provided here, no collusion can be detected. One can never conclude collusion based on looking at a trade alone.

As the commissioner you have a decision to either be a great one or not. This is not necessarily ego or pride based. If this is a casual league do only what you need to make for an enjoyable experience. If this is a dynasty or keeper league you have the opportunity to make someones fantasy experience life altering by being a great commish.

Are there bylaws? Have you discussed the trade with the two parties? Only after an investigation or someone reporting confirmed collusion can one come to that conclusion.

I’ll step off the soap box now…


@fun4willis well said