Possible Draft Trade - 12+ for 5+

12-team full PPR, currently drafting 12th (draft is this Thursday)

Team at 5 wants to trade down. Offer is to swap picks in 1st, 2nd and 4th – I would give up 12, 13 and 37, making my first 4 picks 5, 20, 36, 44.

Was thinking of counteroffer where we’d each keep our 2nd rounders, giving me 13 instead of 20. If trade goes through either way, was also thinking of then taking 5 and trying to flip it for 3 straight up.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I would do this trade - you’re only being offered picks in rounds where you are currently drafting before the other team. Also, nobody in their right mind would trade the 3rd pick for the 5th pick straight up.

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Honestly. I’d rather have 12/13 because you’re gaining the leftovers of the first round. Someone like Obj, Adams, only way I would trade up would be for top 3 pick for a RB.


Thanks, I figured 5 for 3 would be a long shot but never hurts to get feedback anyway.

You can always offer a later round pick in return, but nobody would trade back for free.

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I see your point; if my counteroffer is accepted, though, and I keep my 2nd round pick at 13, thought was that I could get a better WR at 5 (assuming none of the top 4 RBs fall) than at 12 or 13, plus the RB I was likely going to get at the turn anyway – Chubb/Conner/Mixon etc.