Possible Fraud by Comish - need help/confirmation

Hello Guys :slight_smile:

My matchup this week is against the comish of our league, and i think he changed his lineup after the thursday night game started (browns def <-> texans def). Our league is standard scoring and we play on nfl.com. Now, the browns defense played very good fantasy-wise (16points) and imo the texans have a bad matchup against the ravens. in short, it’s highly unlikely they make that many points.

I only noticed bc when i went to bed, the texans def was starting. In the morning, the browns def was starting… And i was down these 16 points. So i went on my pc and looked and there was a weird commissioner icon showing next to the change. I’ve seen this nowhere else in all the lineup changes, in the whole league. Im going to post some Screenshots of the issue at the end of this post so you can see for yourselves. Note, that im from germany, so all the times are german time. Kickoff was 2:20 am my time, and the line-up change happened at 2:50(-ish) am.

To me it looks like he wanted to gain an unfair advantage after he was seeing the browns played well that day… If he did so, it goes against all of my understanding of fair play and integrity.
I then messaged our fantasy group about this and ofc he is denying all of it. He even “force changed” the lineup back to it’s original state (maybe to make me look like the fool, idk). Regarding the match-up im fine with that. I only want a fair game. But in the future I dont wanna play in a league where the comish is cheating. Btw the fact that he changed it back shows to me he is feeling guilty. The 2nd change happened at 9:45(-ish).

Is somebody here that knows the technical side of the “admin rights” a comissioner has? Is this on my end and im freaking out about nothing? Maybe someone had a similar issue at some point?

It shows that only when the commish has used privileges other members don’t have I think. Looks dodgy. Time seals it.

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ok, thanks man.