Possible Freeman Trade?

With news coming out that Freeman is unlikely to play this week Im thinking about a trade.

Coleman owner has Jordan Howard.

Offer Freeman for Howard OR Brieda for Coleman?


Both of those offers would be denied IMO

Right now is literally the worst time to try to trade Freeman OR to acquire Coleman

I just traded Devonta Freeman and Rudolph for TY Hilton, so I think you can move him if you package him right

I wasn’t saying he can’t be traded. My point is that his value will never be lower than it is right now, so it’s a terrible time to trade him. And there’s no way he’ll be able to get Howard, a more valuable RB IMO, by offering Freeman for him straight up.

Yeah, His bench is deeper than mine and since we have limits set on positions it harder to offer package deals. Thanks guys.

Yeah, I 100% agree, that’s why I said to package him right. I was low on WR talent and also had Trey burton, so I was comfortable shipping Freeman with Rudolph