Possible to start both Thielen and Diggs?

So, I ask because, well, someone dumped Diggs on the waiver wire and I managed to acquire them in the league I’m actually doing well in (7-2). I have Thielen already. Is it possible to start both as a stack and get value out of both because of the targets for Thielen and Diggs upside for the long ball or am I crazy?

What in the world? Why would someone drop him. I think that’s fine, who are your other WRs? Theilen is a must play every single week, and Diggs is pretty much that as well. Unless you have other must play WRs on your roster I think you play them both. (Or trade Diggs for someone else if the deadline hasn’t hit yet)

It is totally fine to start both. You’ll be heavily invested in the vikes passing offense, if that bothers you and you can still trade then deal with it that way. If not just view it as a great weapon that can’t be used against you going forward and pick 1 week to week to start.