Possible to win this week?!

My opp played the Denver DST and then dropped his kicker to get Richard. I guess he thinks this week is in the bag for him.

My Team:
QB: Winston or Ryan
RB1-2: Gordon, Barkley
WR1-2: Evans, Ridley (Also have Godwin, Snead)
TE: Howard
Flex: Michel
DST: Vikings (Colts and Redskins on waivers)
K: Lutz

His Team:
QB: Dalton
RB1-2: Gurley, McCoy
WR1-2: Tate, Green
TE: Ebron
Flex: Golladay
DST: Broncos
K: None

I like the colts d but it’s hard to guess I would say it’s close Denver padded some points for sure I grabbed them last minute and made me feel very confident on my week

You can definitely still win. Anything is possible. Especially if he is giving up kicker points.

Give me colts over vikings D though.

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Yeah I grabbed them in my other league so I feel good there. I had the opportunity to get them in all my leagues but didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.

When it comes to streaming defenses, I’m more than happy to put all my eggs into one basket if I feel confident. Indy D has been low key very good for fantasy cause of how many sacks they get. And given its buffalo, just makes it that much sweeter.

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Yea, it’s possible. I don’t think it’s that far fetched either, especially if they don’t use a kicker. All of your RB’s could explode. If just one of them does, you’re OK.

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Alright sweet. I’m still a little skeptical about the Colts DST sometimes, especially after that Jets game, and the vet QB for the Bills possibly having chemistry with the WRs? However, I’ll go ahead and grab them. Definitely wish they kept Peterman in there lol.

Same situation, different league: 2-4 here and seems more difficult to win.

My Team:
QB: Winston
RB1-2: Ingram, Kerryon (Yeldon on bench)
WR1-2: OBJ, Landry
TE: Gronk (Engram on Bench)
Flex: Golladay (Goodwin, Godwin on bench, upside?)
DST: Texans vs JAX (Grab Colts here too?)
K: Lutz

His Team:
QB: Luck
RB1-2: Elliot, Mixon
WR1-2: Gordon, Woods
TE: Njoku
Flex: Hilton
DST: Denver
K: Myers

that’s the beauty of a streaming D though. Even bad ones can be good depending on the matchup. Buffalo is the best one. Wouldn’t call Anderson a vet as in a good experienced QB though. He’s thrown like 100 times in like 4-5 years.

Nah stick with jags. They’re at home going up against Watson and the worst oline in the league. Will get plenty of sacks for a decent floor. And will be shocked if Texans can move the ball on them.

Golladay is a decent play, get you like 10-15 points but if you wanna go for home run, Goodwin is a decent play. He can easily beat peters with double move and speed. peters constantly caught looking at the QB and bites on double moves hard.

I’m thinking I’ll need the home run factor here. Ive definitely been thinking about switching Golladay for Goodwin. Golladay’s highest point total in PPR is 20.9 and lowest is 11.4 so I feel I can expect something in that range like you said. Also, I have the Texans DST. I wish I had Sacksonville lol.

Winston over Matt Ryan this week? CLE vs TB seems more shootout than ATL vs NYG

Texans is fine too. Should get a decent amount of sacks vs Bortles. Just got to pray bortles doesn’t have one of those random career games. Cause Hou should stuff the run.

Yup, like the Patriots game. That’s the only thing I’m worried about here.