Possible trade idea - keeper potential

Ok…have a problem with WR’s and I have an idea. I’m in a 2 keeper league where I decided to keep Kamara and Lev Bell. I also drafted Conner towards the end of the draft so I got lucky there.

I am HURTING with WR’s (lost Kupp, have Marvin Jones, Sutton, Kirk, Josh Gordon). Since I am going to probably keep Kamara and Conner next season, I want to see if someone might want to get Bell off my bench to just “keep” for the following season.

One team most probably not gonna make the playoffs has Edelman and Keenan Allen. Should I offer him Bell for one of these guys and which one???


Great idea! I would target Keenan Allen hands down

Alright sweet. I’m gonna see what he says. thanks for the help

I’d target Keenan but would still be fine with Edelman. Hopefully it’s at least a half ppr league cause that man is a target machine.

Oh yea…forgot to mention it is a full PPR league. I think Keenan is best because I do have Gordon and Sony Michel already.