Possible Trade Keeper League

I’m going into this next season keeping David Johnson, Kamara, Mixon, Mckinnon and AJ Green after I’ve done some trades this offseason. I also have 4 picks in the first 20 picks of this 10 team league draft. Any thoughts on me pursuing the idea of trading Mckinnon or Mixon with picks for a good WR1 or WR2 instead of having this plethora of running backs.

This is a league where all you need is 1 rb/wr/te and then the last 3 spots are flex, so if I wanted to I could start all 5 of these players on any given week, meaning having all of these rbs really isn’t an issue of not being able to play them all.

My other option is standing pat and then drafting high on the QB, TE, and WR positions to have a well rounded team with some WR depth with those early draft picks.

This is a league where you keep players based on an 11 point keeper system, where their stats last season give them a certain value to keep them.
Ex) Kamara is 5, DJ is 1, Mixon is 1, McKinnon is 2 and Green is 3. I also traded for one keeper point so I can keep 12 points instead of 11.


If you can package McKinnon or Mixon with draft picks and get a WR1, the answer is always yes. Even though McKinnon’s opportunity is there and I actually believe in him, there is till a tonne of question marks there in terms of whether or not he will really produce like a WR1. Same questions with Mixon. I actually don’t think Gio is going away and that Oline is still awful and lewis is still one of the worst coaches in the NFL.

So if you can take either of those and package some draft picks to go out and get a guy like JJ, AJ Green, or Evans who everyone is totally down on from last year, I would do it in a heart beat.

Yea that is what I was thinking as well. However I already have AJ Green and the league’s format is such that this lineup would still work which is why I am hesitant. That along with the possibility of just waiting and being able to draft a Larry Fitzgerald or Doug Baldwin type with my early picks. That being said I think I would try to target Mike Evans so I completely agree with you on who to go after for that nice WR/RB balance.

Oops sorry didn’t see you already had AJ. But yeah you could go after Evans/JJ. Or even Davante adams who would be a great keeper candidate. I’d rather have someone I know who can produce than hope that McKinnon or Mixon can. And given how high people are right now on McKinnon, even if he produces, he’s really only getting you the value you could get now if you trade him.

Very Very true. Bank on his ceiling now and let my star RBs do their thing and grab a good depth WR as well.

Appreciate it Mike.

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Is this league PPR or .05 PPR? Superflex?

This is full PPR and no not superflex, just WR/RB/TE as 3 flex spots in addition to the 1 WR, RB, TE, QB that is needed for the lineup.

Thanks for clarifying.

Do you know what the point value of an elite WR would be? (AB/OBJ/ADAMS) If you traded Mixon and McKinnon, the incoming WR could only have a max of 3 points in order for you to keep them with your other choices.

In full PPR I like McKinnon’s potential. I think I would play that up and try to trade him with the 20th pick for an upgrade at WR worth 2 points.

Yea at this point I’m looking at Mike Evans as he is worth 2 points, while OBJ is 1 since he was hurt but I would probably have to deal David Johnson to get him. Other than that Devonte is 4 points I believe while AB is 6 and Julio is 3.

Out of all of those I believe Evans is the only one that an owner would be willing to trade based on the structure of their teams so I don’t really have too many options to go after.

I would definitely sell McKinnon. He is badly overvalued right now and with a decent piece packaged with him you could possibly get a nice WR. I’d do that in a heart beat.


What DFWB said. McKinnon is way too high right now and packing him + picks gets you Mike Evans, who is a legit WR1, doing that all day every day and twice on sundays.

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