Possible trade - Landry/Jones for Carson/Goodwin

What do you think of this:

I trade Landry and Ronald Jones FOR Chris Carson and Marquis Goodwin.

I have Rashaad Penny as well. The only starter here for me is Landry. I’ve got Antonio Brown and Keenan Allen at WR.


Yes… I love the upgrade at WR. And atleast now you know you have sea back field locked up…

Goodwin an upgrade over Landry…? Lol. No.

Hard pass for me.

hard pass on this for me. I’ll take Landry over Goodwin by a long shot.

I hate ROJO but I also don’t want Chris Carson. Hype is too out of control. Backfield will be Penny’s eventually once he comes back. Even if it isn’t I don’t want multiple shares of that backfield. I have no interest in “locking down” a backfield that isn’t going to score much running behind a horrible offensive line. I’d rather just take the most talented guy and hope he wins out.

Edit: Put another way, I wouldn’t even give up just Landry for Carson/Goodwin.

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That is where I’m at I think. Landry for Goodwin seems like a loss. Carson is going to be a four week starter and I already have starting RBs that are better! Thanks for the input.