Possible trade of Green for Freeman

What do you all think of this trade in a dynsaty 12 teamer.

I would give up AJ Green and Lat Murray for D. Freeman, Arcega-Whiteside, Ito Smith (means nothing to me) and C. Herndon.

My initial thought says No immediately. But then I start to think of age of the players and how much value they will produce in the future. I am confident in my team overall this year and could make a playoff run.

Attached is my starting lineup as of July.

Not sure if my image worked.

D. Johnson
Lat Murray
J. Howard

J. Jones
TY Hilton
AJ Green

Bench worth mentioning
A. Mattison
C. Edmond
M. Lee
M. Goodwin
R. Cobb

I would take it - you’re pretty well set with Julio and Zeke and this would help to strengthen or at least give you trade bait with another good RB

I see the trouble. But I’ve been trying to cut ties with Green in one of my dynasty leagues and I could only dream of an offer like this

I would keep AJ/Murray. Play for the championship this year. Basically you’re trading those two guys for Freeman but you already have Zeke and DJ