Possible Trade Steal?

Would you trade Kenyan Drake and Peyton Barber for LeVeon Bell? Without Bell his RBs are weak (His starters are Mixon,Kerryon, Ronald Jones)

I on the other hand have great starters ( Kamara, CMC, Royce) and can afford to let Bell sit on the bench until he shows up.

Let me know your thoughts!

I mean if you can pull that off totally, but as a Bell owner I def would not entertain that offer you would at least have to give up Cmc and Royce for me

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Agree if you can pull it off that would be incredible value for you, if the guy is open to conversation start and see what happens. I’d try and keep Kamara and CMC though if possible if he would take Drake and Freeman that might get it done if he’s panicking, it solves his starter headaches with three decent RBs and you’ll be fine with Bell on the bench to put you over the top when he returns

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